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Campinghytter.jpg (43641 bytes) This is a view of two of our smallest cottages, with the migthy mountains in the background. I have to say its not those mountains that we thougth of when I said we laid short from them. There are more friendly mountains close by, but for some these migth be just perfect, anyway, its a nice view, isn't it?




Campinghytte.jpg (54557 bytes)




And here are some of our largest, best equipped cottages. They're surely the cottages were proudest of, as they supplie most all the needs of a private cottage, for some even more than they need. They have private bathroom with shower, they have colorTV, they have an equipped kitchen. They have a sleeping room and a livingroom/kitchen, so that there's room to live. These are rather popular.


Due to the size of the pictures, we've decided to make several pages, rather than having a really large,slow to download page. Next Picture Page